Harper’s Bazaar X Mall of Emirates

The Shoot: A Night At The Mall

Client: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia X Mall of the Emirates

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia hired Meraki to work on this film: A Night At The Mall. It was produced in partnership with Mall of the Emirates to celebrate the beginning of World of Fashion 2020 and to promote the mall.

Location & Duration: 2 Nights, October 2020

The shoot for A Night At The Mall took place over 2 nights in October 2020 inside the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

All COVID health and safety guidelines were strictly adhered to throughout shooting and a COVID officer was present on set.

Services: Full Film Production, Hair, Make-up & Styling Assistance

Meraki provided full film production services for this shoot. Harper’s Bazaar Arabia provided additional assistance with styling, hair and make-up.

The Talent

Models: Joyce Ami, Layla Kardan, Nadya Hasan, Amal Murad, Alia Al Neyadi

The talent for this shoot were not professional models, rather they were a group of influential figures, from athletes to artists, from across the UAE.

The film starred: dancer and choreographer Joyce Amil, singer-songwriter Layla Kardan, fashion blogger Nadya Hasan, parkour athlete Amal Murad, and the UAE’s first professional ballerina Alia Al Neyadi.

Director of Photography: Martin J Leahy

Martin J Leahy was the DoP for the A Night At The Mall shoot. He has over 10 years’ experience in film and television, across commercials, music videos and short films.

Creative Director: Olivia Philips

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s own The Editor in Chief, Olivia Philips, was the Creative Director for this film.

Director: Thabit Salem

Meraki sourced local Director Thabit Salem for this shoot.

Fashion Director: Anna Castan

Anna Castan, Fashion Director for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, was also the fashion director for this shoot.