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Photography & Film Production In Dubai

We are an experienced photo and film production company. Dubai and the wider UAE has been built to cultivate film making and we are pleased to have been a part of this creative and exciting industry. At Meraki, we are able to provide full photo and film production services, including pre, on-set and post production.

Based in both London and Dubai, Meraki is an international production house, providing photo and film production for clients around the world. We have worked on over 450 projects across the globe, from the Middle East and Asia to Africa and Europe, and with clients from numerous countries, from France and India to Singapore and Turkey.

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Abu Dhabi
Saudi Arabia
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X3 Tower
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United Arab Emirates

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We Provide Full Photo Production In Dubai

Meraki is able to provide full service photo production in Dubai, from pre and on-set to post production. Our photo production services are comprehensive and can be tailored based on your requirements. We have worked on a broad range of photo production projects, including magazine features, fashion & lifestyle photoshoots, and digital marketing campaigns

Our Film Production Company Services In Dubai

Meraki is an innovative film production company in Dubai, offering boutique services for projects of all sizes. As an ever-evolving film production house, we look to stay ahead of the curve within the film sector by providing comprehensive services and creative solutions.

If you are looking for a Dubai production company to expertly and easily manage your film production needs, we would be delighted to work with you. We have experience working on a variety of film production projects, from documentaries and social media ads to commercials and TV.