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Meraki is an experienced photo and film production company. London is one of the largest centres for photoshoots and film production in the world and Meraki is pleased to provide full creative film production services for projects in and around the city. From pre and on-set to post film production. We also provide photo production in London, in conjunction and separately to our other services.

Our photo and film production services are available internationally, across Europe and in Dubai. Our clients span the globe and we have worked on over 450 projects in destinations around the world, including London, Italy, Cape Town, Jordan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Lebanon to Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

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We Provide Full Photo Production In London

Meraki offers photo production in London and around the world. Our photo production services cover pre, on-set and post production and our team is able to provide everything you need for a smooth running project.

We have worked on various photo production projects, from magazine features and brand awareness marketing campaigns to photoshoots for major fashion houses.  

Our Film Production Company Services

Merkai is a creative film production house offering boutique services. We are an ever-evolving film production company that keeps pace with innovators in our sector, rising to meet the challenges of digital filmmaking with practical and creative solutions. 

As a film production house we are able to provide services for all kinds of filmmaking, from promotional ads and social media content to documentaries and short films. We are happy to work alongside other international production companies and creative agencies to make your filming as smooth as possible.

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