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On-set Services

Experience our efficiency and creativity on set. As a film production company in London and Dubai, we make sure to have a network of the best professionals at hand, know our patch, and ensure that every aspect of your shoot runs smoothly, on schedule, and with the highest level of professionalism.

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Managing On Set Film Teams

Our on-set management is meticulous and exact - the culmination of all of the planning and logistics goes smoothly in our hands. We oversee all film teams, ensuring that every member is synchronized and every detail is handled gracefully.

Ensuring Schedules are Met

Time is of the essence in film production. At Meraki, we prioritize efficient scheduling and strict adherence to timelines, ensuring that your production is completed on time without compromising quality.

Location Management

Our on-site location managers are experts in handling the complexities of film sets, whether it's navigating the bustling streets of London or managing remote and challenging shoot locations. We ensure that every location is perfectly prepped and ready for action.

Client Servicing

Continuing our commitment to excellence, our on-set client servicing guarantees that your needs are always met with immediate attention and care. Our proactive approach ensures that you feel supported at every step of the production process.

Transport, Travel, and Accommodation

Logistics management is key to a smooth production. From arranging transport for crews to booking travel and accommodation, we handle all logistics efficiently. Our extensive network ensures the best options for comfort and convenience, making us a full service film production company in London.


We believe that great food is part of great film making. Our catering services provide a wide array of meal options to keep your crew happy and energized throughout the shoot day. From local favorites to special dietary requirements, we cover it all.
At Meraki, we not only manage the practicalities of film production but also create an environment where creativity can thrive. Trust us to handle the complexities of your next project. Contact us today to see why we are among the most loved London production companies for on-set film production.