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Meraki is a dynamic boutique creative production house based in London, offering comprehensive film and photo production services to a global clientele. As digital landscapes evolve, we continuously adapt, finding innovative solutions to both current and future challenges in the industry.

Our extensive network includes partnerships with renowned brands such as BMW, GQ, COS, Vogue, Samsung, Loewe, Ralph Lauren, and Dior. These relationships showcase our commitment to excellence and innovation, positioning us among the most loved film production companies in London.

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For over 15 years, Meraki has been at the forefront of the film and photo production industry. We have collaborated with elite brands including Adidas, Porsche, and Condé Nast, establishing ourselves as a one of the go-to London production companies. Our dedication to quality and creativity is evident and reflected in every project we undertake. We aim to make engaging and beautiful work, enjoyed by many, and translating into real value for our clients.

Meraki earned recognition as a finalist in the Creative StartUp category at the National StartUp Awards 2022 for London and East England — a testament to our innovation and influence in the creative sector. Further, Hikmat Ghandour has been honored to serve as a judge at the Great British Business Heroes awards in 2023.


Meraki was founded in 2015 by Producer Hikmat Ghandour with background in Advertising and an extensive production experience between London, Dubai, Paris, Lebanon, and Italy. Hikmat’s leadership has steered projects featuring industry icons like photographer Mario Testino and celebrities such as Roger Federer and supermodel Emily Di Donato.

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