BMW Lifestyle

The Shoot

Client: Condé Nast Germany

For this shoot, Meraki worked with Condé Nast Manufaktur, aka CNX Force, the ‘content-focused creative agency for premium lifestyle and luxury brands’, part of Condé Nast Germany.

Location & Duration: 3 Days, The Meydan Hotel in Dubai

Photographed in Dubai, the BMW Lifestyle shoot took place over three days in various locations and featured suitcases and bikes.

The bike shoot, shown in the featured images, were taken at The Meydan Hotel and around D3 Dubai, the Design District. The hotel exudes ‘contemporary urban luxury’ and has a futuristic style. Parts of the hotel were also featured in the recent Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond.

Services: Production Facilitation

Creative talent was provided by Condé Nast, while Meraki supplied production facilitation. This included: location scouting, permits, equipment, transport and styling assistants.

The Talent

Model: Anthony Richelot

The featured model for the bike shoot is Anthony Richelot, Parisian bike designer, architect and cyclist. His enthusiasm for cycling is evident in all his work, from bike paint jobs to his cycle tours.

Photographer: Jan Lehner

Jan Lehner is a London-based photographer who has worked with Hugo Boss, Vogue Russia and Jason Wu.

Director: Cedric Schanze

A director of photography and filmmaker, Cedric Schanze has worked with clients from Adidas to Montblanc, along with his own projects. He is based in Berlin.

Stylist: Paul Maximilian Schlosser

Paul Maximilian Schlosser has styled for GQ Germany, The Greatest and Antidote Magazine, among others. His work is known for its distinct modern and timeless style.