Meraki - Production House in Dubai

It's about time that someone raises the bar, sets the standards, and goes by the rules. That is aware that good is not good enough and agrees that the law of attraction is also still not enough. And it's about time someone finally... Gets it.

We believe that you might have already heard, and if not, then let us tell you...

We are Meraki.

With over a decade of practice, hard work & achievements we will turn your vision into reality. A reality that will inspire you, touch your mind, heart & soul. Hence, we are called Meraki.

Meraki (v) is a Greek word “may-rah-kee” meaning “To do something with soul, creativity & love. And To put part of yourself into what you‘re doing.“ At Meraki we cater to all your production needs, from photography, videography, film, locations & production facilitation in Dubai.