Our Production Services

We are a small, boutique, production house, with big clients and names run by a team of producers with more than a decade of experience.

In a world where the digital industry is taking over rapidly, we are constantly evolving and exploring new approaches to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

We offer complete production services in photo and film, from start to finish, around the world.

Film & photography permits

Permits are required for most shoots and the regulations and fees that apply can vary widely depending on the location, the platform and the media output. As part of their core services, Meraki will ensure all necessary permits are acquired well in advance of the shoot start date.


Film and photography permits are required for all types of shoots on public, government-operated and private property. The DFTC is the only body authorised to issue permits and permits can only be applied for via a production company licenced in the UAE, such as Meraki. Permits usually take up to 5 working days for non-scripted shoots and up to 25 days if they require script approval.

London & the UK

Commercial filming or photography in public spaces in the UK requires permission from the appropriate local authority or council. If it’s not clear which authority to contact, the British Film Commission can help.

In London, film and photography permits must be requested from the relevant local borough. London is divided into 33 boroughs, and each has its own Borough Film Service which deals with filming permissions in public spaces. Filming and photography in privately managed locations in London and the UK require permission from the management company or owner.

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